Auto Finesse – Tread (Dækrens)

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Vi arbejder på højtryk for at komme med vores egen beskrivelse af produktet. Indtil da kan du læse Auto Finesses egen beskrivelse af produktet på engelsk. Har du nogen spørgsmål til produktet kan du kontakte os på mail@cleanride.dk

Tread Tyre Cleaner is an extremely powerful, ready-to-use rubber cleanser specifically formulated to break down the heaviest soiling and road grime on contact.

Developed as a fast-acting, spray-on product, Tread is made up of a unique blend of heavy-duty cleaning agents and degreasers capable of purging surface contaminants like mud and road films, along with the most suborn, ingrained grime.

Deep cleaning even under the surface, this heavy-duty cleaner effectively loosens and lifts away contaminants, allowing them to be quickly rinsed away.

Ideal for use with our Rubber Scrubber Tyre Brush, Tread will not only leave your rubber contaminant-free, but also creates the perfect surface for adhesion of silicone-based or water-based tyre dressings.